Motorcycle Adventure Riding Courses - Learn how to ride off the beaten track

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Adventure Riding Courses

Adventure Riding Courses

Adventure Riding is a combination of all motorcycle riding styles and can take you into some of the most breathtaking scenery around the world.

It involves everything from tarseal & gravel roads to mountain passes, forestry roads, trails & goat tracks, which requires a mix of road riding, enduro and trail riding techniques.

These courses are designed to help you develop the skills and knowledge to cope with the challenges Adventure riding can present so you can tackle any situation. This training course incorporates a mix of environments that include Gravel, Forestry & Dry Clay terrain

You will also learn more about your own capabilities and your bikes', which will help you to get the most out of your Adventure riding experience in a safe, smart and enjoyable way.

These courses are suitable for the following riding levels:

  • Novice
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate

Type of bike required:

  • Dual purpose bike
  • Trail or Adventure bike

Not suitable for pure road bikes - if unsure - please ask us

Note: Bikes must be road registered as course includes riding on some public roads

What will you learn?

This day will focus on these key fundamental offroad riding techniques on gravel roads

Body Position

  • Rider assessment
  • Correct Sitting & Standing positions
  • Adjust Bars

Hands and Feet

  • Hand & Foot positions
  • Adjustment of controls
  • Clutch control


  • Brake Control
  • Clutch & throttle control


  • Correct Braking on loose surfaces- Seated & Standing


  • Correct Turning - Seated & Standing


  • Footpeg elements
  • Un-weighting
  • Body Language

Gravel Roads

  • Line Choice
  • Braking and accelerating
  • Cornering & cambers

Climbs & Descents

  • Braking up the road
  • Uphill standing & seated
  • Downhill standing & seated

Turning on Hills

  • How to turn your bike around on a hill

Picking Bike up

  • The correct technique to get your bike back on its wheels


Adventure Riding
MITAS E-09/E-10
DOT approved square patterned BIG-BIKE adventure tyre. Suitable for big bike rides and Safari rides.

Trail/Adventure Riding
MITAS C 18 - C19.
DOT approved full knobbly tyres. Great for trail-adventure rides and multi day guided rides.

Gravel Roads
Grooved tyres like this are only suitable for gravel roads or in very dry conditions.
These tyres are the minimum for this Pro Rider training course

Gift Vouchers

Gift  Vouchers

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Gift Vouchers available for:

  • Basic Handling Skills-Learner Licence
  • Road Rider Training Days
  • Adventure Riding Courses
  • 1 on 1 Coaching Sessions

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Other courses

Please check the Gravel Road Riding course as this also has a Adventure / Dual Purpose bike section.
Click here for more details

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"This was a fantastic course - I had learnt more in one day that I have from all of my riding. It showed me how to mitigate and minimise risks when riding."

Bob N - Auckland

"Did the Bronze course. What a brilliant day!! Instructor used ear pieces to talk us through stages and give us tips as we rode. He also video'd us on different stretches of road looking at different skills. When we stopped he talked us through what we were doing. FANTASTIC!! If you're trying to decide whether or not to take advantage of the subsidy, I say DON'T WAIT."

Ellete P, Auckland

"One of the best and most useful courses I have been to since getting on the bike. Awesome Instructors - the information was clear and precise, its all on to us know to digest that and put into practice to become safe riders and most of all enjoy riding."

Ron M - Auckland

"As a returning rider after 30 yrs couldn't recommend this highly enough. Road craft, interpreting signs and riding the right lines makes it sooo much more enjoyable and safer"

Gary M - Auckland

"Pro Rider courses are a must for me, at least a couple per year to help keep me sharp and make me aware of any sloppy habits I might be developing. I find the course contents and the instructors very helpful to me as an older,'born-again' rider. "

Andrew L - Thames

"Thank you so much for a great day, I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was awesome to be reminded about things I should be doing on the road but I had become relaxed about doing, so all in all it was a fantastic day. "

Kerry L, Auckland

"Every rider should do a refresher every now & than, to continue to improve their skills and ride to survive."

Tom Z - Auckland

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