Be SAFE and SMART on your Scooter

A course with Pro Rider will help you stay on top of your game and enjoy the benefits of scooting around safely!

There is no dress rehearsal when you're out on the road - and many road users don't give scooters the respect they deserve.
Whether you are new to scooter riding or have been doing it for years, being as safe and as smart as you can be on the road will reduce your risk and help you get home safely every time.

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This 4 hour course covers

General maintenance

Riding techniques

On road safety

Positioning on road

Hazard avoidance

Riding gear


Suitable for those on L or R licence with limited on-road riding experience
This is a 4 hour course designed for scooter riders whose riding is mostly commuting in urban environments and who have had some on-road riding experience. This course is held in a quiet local area where there are safe areas to practice and low traffic volumes. It’s the perfect way to start your riding career and its only $20!
Note: You will need to bring your own scooter or motorcycle for this course.

This is what people are saying about this course

Instructors were amazing and I learnt a few extra skills/tips which was great!

Thank you so much for the time put into this course

Awesome correction when needed along with praise

The instructors were very helpful and patient gave us very good advice and they checked my rear brake as it wasn't working

Really good feedback from the instructors on an individual level

I will be more steady on my scooter and able to corner better

Awesome course, well set out and easy to follow

Learnt a lot - been scootering for 15 years

Definitely learnt braking skills I never knew

Scooter Survival

Heres some great information on the Scooter Survival site

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You will need to bring your own motorcycle to these courses
You will need to bring your own scooter or motorcycle for this course.
There is a small non refundable booking fee of $20.
We run regardless of the weather as long as it is safe so we do expect you to attend even if its raining at the start of the day.

If you can’t fully commit to a course, please leave the place for someone else, as numbers are strictly limited and as low as 3 students per course.

Please read and understand the terms & conditions.

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