Track Day / Fun Day

Shift your fun factor into top gear!

Join us for a day of fun and freedom In the Safety of a Closed Circuit.

Pukekohe Park Raceway!
This is a fantastic opportunity to join other road riders and enjoy some riding at your pace in the safety of a closed circuit racetrack. Pro Rider track days are very relaxed and enjoyable, so come and experience one of New Zealands’ ledgendary tracks for yourself. Our Track Marshalls and Instructors will be circulating with you to help you get the most out of your day. This day caters for a variety of riding levels and bike types.

We cater for these Groups for the track sessions

Road Riders, Full Licence

You have attended at least 1 training course previously, a Silver Ride Forever course or Professional Track Training and have been riding regularly for a minimum of 2 years, have a Full licence and consider yourself an intermediate rider or advanced road rider.

Riders On Restricted Licence

You have attended at least 1 training course previously and have a road bike. You have been riding regularly for a minimum of 6 months. You have a Restricted Motorcycle licence (6R) , you have attended at least a Bronze Ride Forever Course and consider yourself at least an intermediate level rider.

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What to Wear

Riding Gear minimum Requirement

Your most protective road riding gear is suitable

Full face helmet,.

Leather gloves .

Motorcycle boots.

Cordura or leather pants & jacket (back protector, shoulder, elbow, and knee protection recommended.).

Kevlar reinforced jeans, with knee armour only.

Absolutely NO Ordinary denim jeans or Linen Trousers !!.

Motorcycle Requirements

Suitable for any style of bike: Sports, tourer or cruiser

Please bring your own fuel, food and drink. Some power is available at the track for tyre warmers etc. Please note the 95db noise limit – this is strictly enforced

Email Now if you unsure