Track Based Training

Shift your fun factor into top gear with a day of personalised training for riders of road bikes or track bikes in a group of only 12 riders at Hampton Downs Motorsport Park.

This is an exclusive opportunity for you to join a small group of riders to further develop your skills and knowledge in a relaxed, friendly and safe environment on the club circuit at the track.

Our Pro Rider Instructors on this day are legends like Paul Pavletich, and Kevin Kinghan who are passionate about helping you get the most out of your day, taking your riding skills and knowledge to the next level.

This track based coaching will enhance your riding by ramping up your skills and your self-confidence in a safe, hazard free environment, allowing you to really focus on getting more out of your riding and cornering experience.

It’s a great way to learn more about yourself and your bike’s capabilities, under the careful guidance of your Pro Rider Instructor, in a very small group with a maximum of 12 riders.

The day includes skills and drills focussing on the key elements:
• Braking
• Countersteering
• Cornering

Designed to increase your bike control skills and give you more confidence as a rider.
As part of a small group (max. of 6 per instructor) you will get the benefits of personal feedback from your Pro Rider instructor during the whole day. There is a maximum of 12 riders for the day.

All of these skills learnt at the track will help you be a much better rider when applied back to your road or track riding.

Plus, you will get lots of the fun factor that comes with riding in a really safe environment!


Road Riders

  • Intermediate to Experienced Road riders (Restricted to Full Licence)

Track Bike Riders

  • Track Bike riders on dedicated track or race bikes. No previous track riding experience necessary

Our Pro Rider Instructors will help you get the most out of your day, taking your riding skills and knowledge to the next level and assisting you with some personalised coaching throughout the day. Join us for a FUN filled day at the track!


As the training is conducted at a race track, you will need to check with your insurer regarding your bike insurance cover whilst on the training course. If you are on a Restricted Licence, you must be riding a LAMS bike. Some insurance policies will allow cover and others may not. Please check. If you need any confirmation from Pro Rider about the fact that this is a training day (not a track day) please contact us.

Riders on Full Licence and Track Bike Riders

You have a Full motorcycle licence (6F) and consider yourself an intermediate or advanced road rider, OR you are a track day rider and ride a track day bike or road bike.

Riders on Restricted Licence

You have a Restricted motorcycle licence (6R) and consider yourself a confident, intermediate rider with a good level of open road riding experience. You must be on a LAMS bike

What to Wear


Full face helmet

Leather gloves

Motorcycle boots

Cordura textile or leather pants & jacket

(back protector, shoulder, elbow, and knee protection recommended.)

Kevlar reinforced jeans with knee armour

Absolutely NO ordinary denim jeans !!

Motorcycle Requirements

Suitable for any style of bike: SPORTS, TOURER, CRUISER, TRACK BIKE
You bring your bike and we’ll show you how to have more fun on it!

Track Based Training only $299